The Fusion Interior Design T&Cs are listed below:

Fusion will provide one design scheme for each room, devised by various options presented by us and in agreement/chosen by you. Our fees are based on project design, input and budget over an agreed time period for the duration of the project.

Should the project expand after this time which requires further design input and the budget increases further fees will be charged as agreed.

Once the designs have been agreed and signed off we shall prepare and submit quotes for your approval. Should we be required to purchase anything from a high street retailer on your behalf these are subject to a charge of 10%.

Our design fee does not include any product, goods or installation and does not include travel expenses beyond that of site and our base in Ewell.

Quotations, Payment Terms and Delivery

All quotations/estimates are valid for 30 days and costs are based on current supplier price lists as of the date of the proposal summary and are subject to change should any prices be increased. VAT is charged at the current rate and is subject to any change at any time.

Fusion Interior Design will require a 70% deposit for any work or goods that are commissioned or ordered. Interim invoices may be required subject to the size and nature of the project. Balances are to be paid in full when a fitting date has been agreed, prior to delivery and fitting of all items unless otherwise agreed. The company has the right to charge interest at 5% on any amount overdue after installation of all products.

All additional works will be charged for as extra including any additional project fees relevant to the running of the job, if the design work exceeds the specified project budget then both parties shall agree a course of action, i.e. whether to continue the work at an additional fee or to conclude the work.

Please note that bespoke items, commissions and other goods that are made to order and items that have been altered or personalised at your request are non-refundable.

The onus is on the client to ensure they have adequate buildings and contents insurance and that specific policy updates have been given to the insurer if the property is unoccupied for any length of time during project works. The risk in the goods shall pass to the buyer on delivery but all goods shall remain the property of Fusion Interior Design until payment has been received.

Please be aware that whilst we will always aim to complete the project on time, contingencies should be allowed for; i.e severe weather conditions, delay from suppliers and any unforeseen circumstances all of which are beyond our control.

All rooms should be cleared of furniture, soft furnishing and personal effects as much as possible prior to commencement of works unless agreed that Fusion will arrange this.

The client is required to clear all working areas in occupied premises and protect personnel belongings. The company will not accept any liability for damage caused to items not moved or adequately protected

Fusion will in no way be liable for any expenses incurred by the client or his agent, i.e. hotel or housing costs, loss of earnings, loss of time, furniture storage or any other expenses as a result of the duration of the work taking longer than at first anticipated by Fusion and/or any delay to the start the work on an advised date.

Materials, Equipment and Contractors

Fusion is responsible for its own contractors and for materials supplied. Their workmanship and quality will be checked by Fusion. Materials are used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications.

All trades will be covered by their own insurance.

The client may of course nominate their own contractors or tradesmen to carry out certain work. However Fusion cannot be held responsible for the quality of the work nor for any delay in the project deadline when using the clients appointed builders or contractors. Should any of Fusion’s completed work or if any work is affected by other trades not appointed by Fusion, there will be a charge for any rectification as required.

Fusion reserves the right to substitute alternative materials to those specified, with other goods of equal quality and suitability.

Should clients wish to supply their own materials and need to know quantities involved, a guide may be given by Fusion if requested but not an exact measurement. When materials for the project are supplied by the client, the onus is on them to ensure on-time delivery, quality checks and all relevant parts have been delivered. Should materials be defective or should there be any delay in delivery, resulting in work being held up Fusion reserves the right to charge for any wasted time.

Water, gas and electricity supplies will be made available free of charge to Fusion and all trades to enable them to carry out work or to comply with statutory health, safety or welfare regulations.

Electrical fittings, radiators or any other fitting that requires removing at the start of the project must be dealt with by an appropriately qualified tradesman. This can be arranged by Fusion. Should any damage or fault be found upon the removal of any such item Fusion cannot be held responsible.

A manufactures guarantee applies to materials used by Fusion Interior Design.

We shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver goods you have ordered or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to goods delivered that is caused by any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, strikes, lock-outs, riots and other industrial disputes, breakdown of systems or network access, flood, fire, explosion or accident, acts of God, or acts of war and or terrorism or goods held up in customs, police, military and/or port authorities.

Additional Work

Extra work required by the client or a third party will be done on a signed acceptance of a written quotation

The cost of any remedial work required on discovery of structural faults, wood rot or similar during the course of the project or any issue with footings/foundations or steel support beams at design will be chargeable.

Decorating/Building Works

Prior to the painting of existing doors and windows these should all be structurally sound, free of any damp and/or rot and in good working order.


All works will be checked at the end of the project and a snagging list made good. We are not responsible for any cracks appearing at a later date due to drying out and/or any building settlement.


All designs, photography, images, sketches, drawings and ideas of any project or consultation are copyright and remain the property of Fusion interior design and cannot be reused without our written permission. We reserve the right to use all of the aforementioned in any promotional literature and /or material and any marketing campaigns at any time. Your privacy will always be protected and at no time will we publish details of your name, address or any other personal information unless we have written permission from you to do so.