About Jan & Jason

It has been said that you shouldn’t take business personally. Well it’s our family business and it’s your home so it doesn’t get more personal than that! We have been trading as interior designers in Surrey since 1999. We live locally to our business and for us our business is about reputation and credibility.

We are passionate about giving you great designs and fantastic service (all with a smile). As people and as a Company there will always be areas for improvement – but you have our commitment that we will always be striving to do exactly that.

Love & Hate

Jan Loves . . . . Design; entertaining; sunny days; Barcelona; the Sea; music; book club; Cornwall; tea in bed; Albert the mini schnauzer & our Daughter.
Jason Loves . . . . Rugby; music & playing in a band; gardening; food, drink and friends; American football; Cornwall; movies; Albert the mini schnauzer & our Daughter.

Jan Hates . . . . Spiders; dark mornings; being cold; bitter coffee; pickled gherkins; umbrellas that fold inside-out..
Jason Hates . . . . Slugs on my veg patch; cheating; waking up early at the weekend; my knees; doughnuts with no jam & films with no endings.

We know you won’t regret it, so let’s take our first steps together now…why not give us a call now? 020 8786 0520.