Home Extensions

If you’re thinking of extending your home and are not sure where to start and you don’t have the time to organise it then it could be the perfect opportunity to call in a professional.

That said you’ll still have some work to do! Create a wish-list of everything you want or would like, collect images from magazines and keep them in a scrapbook or use online media like Pinterest or Houzz until you’re ready to show your designer. Showing your ideas will help your designer understand what you are trying to achieve quicker and they’ll have a better understanding of your style.

Most important of all is to sort out a budget.

The budget is probably the hardest part of getting your project underway and as much as you probably don’t want to say or you just don’t know, it’s one of the first things that you’ll need to tell your interior designer.

Your first questions are likely to be “how much is it all going to cost?” “How much are the design fess going to be?”

These are difficult questions and most clients want this answered before they speak to an interior designer.

But imagine going to your doctor and before describing any symptoms or problems with her you asked what the cure was. Are you thinking of buying a new car? How about asking the salesman how much the car will cost before talking about what you need & want. The doctor can’t give you the right prescription and the dealer would want to ask some qualifying questions before suggesting a car.

The designer can’t give you a price until she knows what you’re looking for and you don’t know if you want to hire a designer until you know the price. Catch 22

But the right designer should be able to work hard to put your money where it’ll work best for you – whether it is to keep it in your pocket or to invest in a custom piece of furniture or beautiful wallpapered walls.

Ever wondered how much it would cost to design and build a kitchen extension? When meeting with new clients we ask, “What do you want to spend on this project?” or “What is your budget?” I usually get blank stares and not-sures. There are a few reasons for not sharing your budget with an interior designer your budget.

  • You really don’t know what you should spend. Though if I really press there is usually an amount clients don’t want to exceed. Is it half a million? Or maybe £20,000?
  • You have an amount in mind but are unsure if it is feasible. If you have a figure in mind it may be wise just to tell the figure to your designer. She’ll be able to tell you if the amount is reasonable.
  • You have an amount in mind but you want to keep your cards close to your chest. The right designer cannot give you what you want without knowing what you want to pay for it. She can’t do her job without knowing what your budget is.

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