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Interior Design Box Hill School, Surrey

Box Hill School, Surrey

One of our current interior design projects is at Box Hill School, we're refurbishing a formal meeting area and a working office, both for the Headmaster.

When taking the brief it became clear that we didn’t need to conform wholly to traditional styles, listening to the Headmaster talk about the school’s association with The Round Square it was obvious they wanted to create an environment which embraces principals where the pupils are not only encouraged to achieve academic excellence but also to develop confidence, character and community so our design should complement and enhance that ethos.

Fusion interior design recently redesigned the Headmasters  office and formal meeting area at Box Hill School in Surrey.

Built in 1883, the Victorian era, the building is a mix of mock Tudor and Gothic Revival designs. The interior is full of hand-painted tiles, beautiful stained glass windows and ornate wood panelling.

Whilst beautiful, a fully wood panelled room absorbs light so we consulted lighting engineers to calculate the correct amount of lumens that were needed for brightness and a good working environment.

A British manufacturer made three traditional style eighteen arm pendants with a bright chrome finish complete with micro chipped LED bulbs to save energy with maximum efficiency.

Mood boards and samples were presented to the Headmaster and Leadership team together with 2D floorplans and 3D drawings to help visualise the design and layout.

The redesign included formal sofas, chairs and coffee tables with visitor seating. Height adjustable desks and a meeting table for eight; paint colour schemes for the walls and new flooring and window treatments.

Once everything arrived we returned to site to style and dress the accessories and display artwork.

We've also been told that a prospective parent was overheard saying "This is the best room ever!" - so it's doing it's job nicely.


I hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions regarding your own project or need anymore information just let us know.

Wishing you all the best.


t: 020 8786 0520


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