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Let’s talk kitchens Interior Design

For some years now we have been spending more and more time in our kitchens.

This once single function room has evolved into a multi purpose space to suit our family and lifestyle changes.

The pandemic has forced us to spend time at home and we have started to enjoy cooking from scratch again with meal times becoming an important way of being together.

Many of us now work from home more often and those with families still need space for children and teenagers to do homework, breakfast bars and islands often double up as desks.

Equally important, we still need the space to entertain, relax and enjoy spending time with our loved one's.

So a lot of thought needs to and should go into designing a kitchen. It has to be practical, functional and of course gorgeous.

Most kitchen design works around the simple triangle rule but clever design also considers how the individual homeowner functions in the kitchen.

Maximising storage using clever solutions such as a Le Mans corner unit, pull out or twist and turn larder storage and lots of drawers. Have you considered if you want wall cupboards or simple open shelves?

Handle less doors create clean lines, while handles bring in details. Are you brave enough to go bold with a strong colour, dark blue, green or black. Or do you relish neutrals and natural woods?

If you have a project you'd like to discuss please call Jan or Jason or click here to contact us.

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