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Setting the Standard: Proudly Accredited by SBID - The Gold Standard in Interior Design


We're delighted to say that we've achieved and been awarded accreditation with SBID - The Society of British & International Interior Design.

SBID pioneered the British standard of accreditation for interior designers by setting out measures of competence and skill in education, experience, and training, adding an annual requirement of continued professional development (CPD) as the foundation for maintaining accredited status. SBID are the UK’s leading accreditation body to the interior design industry.

Why is Accreditation important?

SBID’s Interior Design Accreditation is important because the UK Government hasn’t set national competency standards for the interior design sector. SBID was incorporated to champion competence and training for the industry and our accreditation services have helped to establish and progress the country’s best interior design companies, big and small.


The SBID Accreditation is a qualification demonstrating professional competence and industry excellence defined by ability, training, ongoing training and experience. A globally respected marque representing the benchmark that distinguishes interior design professionals.

As the industry body recognised throughout the UK and around the world as a sign of design standards and excellence, Accreditation distinguishes interior design businesses and represents the upmost professional quality and best practice.

The Code of Conduct is a statement of principles and expectations governing the behaviour of members in their professional conduct. Members are expected to act at all times with integrity, honesty and objectivity.

If you have any questions regarding your own project or need anymore information just let us know.

Wishing you all the best.


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