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"How to choose a paint colour"

Isn't it wonderful that we're surrounded by colour in our daily lives?

So with all this colour surrounding us why do we struggle to choose a paint colour for our homes?

yellow flowers against a blue sky swaying in the breeze
Try using colours in nature that compliment each other

I am grateful when there is a blue sky, for the many shades of green that I see as I walk through a park and for the brightly coloured flowers that attract the bees and other pollinators.

We all have strong association of colours that relate to the seasons. Rich reds and oranges of Autumn and the pastels and bright colours of Summer.

However, much as I love colour, I still enjoy Black and White photography and old films but I couldn’t bare to live in a monochrome world.

In the right environment and design scheme a neutral palette can work beautifully but I regularly meet clients who have applied either a grey or cream to their homes but now feel that something is lacking?

I have heard so many stories, told with either embarrassment or laughter, about taupes that turned lilac during different times of the day or a cream that looked yellow with the lights on. Or buying twenty plus test pots and daubing them around the house and still not being able to choose a colour. Then there are childhood memories of Grandma’s multi coloured large bloom wallpapers with patterned carpets and deep velvet curtains, Sunflower Orange bedrooms and who remembers an Avocado bath set?

Colour swatch held out like a fan
interior designer in surrey

It's easy to be scared of colour but too dull to live without it.

So how do we inject interest back into our colour cleansed rooms?

I add colours through layers; Original artwork is affordable and accessible on line through websites such as and good prints are sold by

These companies make it easy for you to narrow your down your choice, for example by budget, size, style and even colour.

tasselled chenille cushion in pastel colours
Nadia cushion from Anthropologie

You could also add a selection of different colour scatter cushions, I love the pretty Nadia cushion from Anthropologie.

Prices start from £38, come in 4 colours and various sizes....

Surrey interior design
Surrey interior design

...or the Camille Viola cushion from Designers Guild.

These are priced currently at £55 and come in 2 colourways.

If you have a wall that is crying out to become a feature of your room, have a look at these paint colours:

South Bank by Fired Earth

Blush 267 by The Little Greene Paint Company

If you are being a bit more daring and are happy to add some extra depth why not paint a whole room in:

Turkish Blue by Fired Earth

Clay 39 by The Little Greene Paint Company

Whilst your getting your paint samples pick up a roll of lining paper, 1200 gauge will be fine, and a pack of cheap brushes, cut the paper to a decent size and paint a sample of the colour on this. You can then move it easily around the room and look at it under different lights and at different times of the day.

Have a great day!


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