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Fusion Interior Design: Top Interior Designers Near Me.

One of our current projects is a cottage in Epsom, built in the early 1920’s. As with most cottages there are some issues with the internal space, whilst nooks and odd shaped rooms add to the charm of the property they can cause problems with furniture layouts and our modern lifestyle.

However, with careful planning and creative design we’ve managed to maximise the space to its full potential.

3D visual showing a kitchen snug extension with a brown leather sofa

3D concept design visual with leather bench seating

Layout, flow and practical use is all important in how the space works when you are living in it.

3D visual of a concept kitchen design

Brown leather sofa on a blue rug, gold side table and art work show as a 3D visual drawing

2D flat plans and 3D rendered visuals give a fantastic idea of what the space will look like and at this early design stage we are able to work on different concept drawings and drop in varying styles of furniture, seating, tables and colours etc to see what produces the best result.

3d concept design visual of a kitchen extension with a wine cooler, round white table and leather seating

On this project we are taking down the remainder of an internal wall that had already been partially removed some time ago, opening up the space to bring more light into a dark room and provide greater choice for furniture layouts.

The client has gone ahead with the final designs and build work starts soon!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and if you have any questions regarding your own project or need anymore information just let us know.

Wishing you all the best.


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