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Ralph Lauren’s new Home collection

Ralph Lauren’s new Home collection

Heading into London at 5.30pm is not normally what I would want to do, especially on a Wednesday after a long day at work but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see Ralph Lauren’s new ‘Home’ collection at his flagship New Bond Street store.

The crowed tube journey was soon forgotten when I was greeted with a smile and a cold glass of champagne, I breathed in the fragrant air.

Being one of the first to arrive I took full advantage of the space and walked through each room set, sitting on the beautiful accent chairs feeling the curved polished chrome arms and soft leather seat.

The dining table was dressed to impress, with a mix of gold and white china and the new collection of crystal glasses.

Who doesn’t want a bed that you climb into and snuggle down among plump feather cushions and soft cotton.

When you think of Ralph Lauren and you think of style, class, rich blues and pale neutrals, a more masculine look sure but still elegant.

The use of stone as a feature wall within the Tuscan room was beautifully balanced with a cream sofa, wooden flooring and wrought iron lights and I particularly liked the lanterns.

By contrast to the blue and cream bed, the four poster in the Tuscan room was a feminine affair, playing with layers of textures and patterns, so very tempting.

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